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Why, hello 2014.

New Years Eve is a HUGE celebration here in Guatemala. Fireworks, late night music, parties, the whole shebang…but we’re still in that sleep-is-too-precious-stage-of-parenting so we stayed in. We put Elena down by 7pm, made pasta, drank wine, left the dishes on the table and curled up in bed to watch a movie. Boring, maybe? But perfect for this season of life.

A quick recap of 2013

2013 felt like a year with a lot of changes, good changes, but changes none the less. And we all know how I do with changes : )

We moved. Remodeled our house. Had a baby. Moved back to our house. Went to the states. Came back. Adjusted to life with said baby. And I feel like just now we are on the brink of getting in a grove, dare I say routine, with our two work schedules, home life, an adorable 6 month old…and a babysitter.

This blog community has grown quite a bit this year, which I think is probably due to sweet Elena. You guys seem to really like babies and pregnancy posts. At least most of you : ) Hopefully as I have bit more time to think and write this year, I’ll try and write not just about parenting, motherhood and babies. But let’s be honest, that is what has consumed most of my past year.


The top 5 posts of Simply Complicated in 2013

I blog because I like it. It’s a way to connect with friends and make new ones, near and far. It’s a way to practice my writing and get instant feedback. And I’m always surprised a bit by which posts get the most traffic.

#5  I guess my husband should technically get credit for this post since he wrote A Letter to my Daughter from Daddy 

#4 The One Question I Ask My Students on the First Day of School

(according to google, technically My About Page was the fourth most clicked on page!? But since it’s not a real post I’m gonna skip it. However, makes me realize I really need to update that thing! It’s like 3 years out dated. whoops.)

#3 This one surprised me…apparently, you guys really were interested in my  Pregnancy Update at 31 weeks

#2 A post about Christmas: Tamales, Cinnamon Rolls & Baby Jesus resonated with many of you.

#1. And of course Elena’s Birth Story was number 1. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

These post didn’t necessarily get the most clicks, but they meant the most to me:

Thoughts on Waiting, A Mini-Spanish Lesson and The Bible

Thoughts on Friendships, Seasons and Being Present

Tears at the Kitchen Table

When You Live Far From Family

And these two guests posts capture some of my thoughts as I enter this new world of raising a bicultural and bilingual daughter:

On Spanglish Baby: Dear Mija: A Letter to My Future Bilingual & Bi-cultural Daughter

And on InCulture Parent: Cross-Cultural Parenting in Guatemala: Rethinking Cultural Norms

I am grateful for you, my readers, both ones I know and those I don’t yet. You make the big, blog-world a little bit smaller. Thank you, for being part of this past year!

Cheers, as we welcome 2014!


P.S. Here’s a little glimpse of our 2013 instagrammed life…ya know, all the highlights, none of the hard stuff : )

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