Longing for California Summer

It’s a rainy afternoon here in Guatemala. And I should be used to this. June, July and August are the height of our raining season. This year it actually hasn’t been very rainy, so I have nothing to really complain about. Guatemalans actually call the months between May-October invierno (winter) because it rains and then verano (orRead more

9 Natural Home Remedies for Fighting the Common Cold While Pregnant

I really have very little to complain about. In terms of how pregnancies go I’ve had a pretty easy go of it this time around. {don’t hate me}. Except for some minor battles with pesky parasites (more a reflection of the country I live in, not the pregnancy) I’ve been pretty healthy. However, I haveRead more

What I’m Into {March 2013}: Spinach-basil pesto, Pillows and FREE stuff

I know, I know we are well into April, and I’m a few days too late to link up with Hopeful Leigh, but here’s what I’ve been into { March edition } enjoy! Cooking and Eating: Let’s be honest I have been doing more of the latter, the eating. I have tons of great recipeRead more