Curly Hair Advice from my Sister

A few days ago my sister wrote a great post about Curly Hair Tips on her blog. She is smart, funny and finds some of the best recipes and drink mixes on the web. Seriously, check out her blog. Did I mention she also has GREAT hair…perhaps the best curls of anyone I know. And she knows how to take care of them.

In fact she taught me how to “do” my hair.

Let’s face it. My hair has always been “curly,” but I just never knew what to do with my curls. In high school I brushed them to form a weird frizzy wave and in college I cut them short and let it poof. Neither look was a winner.

See photo for evidence:

sisters circa 2003
sisters circa 2003: BEFORE curly hair help

Then one New Years Eve everything changed. My sisters and I were all in Santa Barbara and had decided we were going to go out this year instead of staying at home, falling asleep before the ball dropped.

sister circa 2010: and AFTER

Steph, introduced me to two things:

1) The right Shampoo  and Conditioner  (the main indigent you want to avoid is anything that ends in -SULFATE. It drys out curly hair, or really any hair, but it’s especially bad for curly hair folks)


2) The right technique (NO brushing, lots of scrunching, extra gentle)

And voilà. The results were instantly better.

Pregnancy has done a number on my curls. On good day they get swept back in  a pony tail; on a lazy day twirled into a messy bun. Neither of which is particularly flattering.

But whenever I take the time to wash my hair (hint: if you read her post you’ll learn, it’s NOT every day) and apply the right stuff and scrunch my curls I always think of my sister.

Thanks Steph!

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6 thoughts on “Curly Hair Advice from my Sister

  1. As you know, I have wavy/curly hair. It is all about not washing it every day, using a hair pik to get out knots when it is wet (no brushing!), scrunching, and if you must blow dry, a diffuser.

    My hair went dead straight when I gave birth to Sophia and it took about 5 years for it to get back to normal! It was the strangest thing!

  2. Oh curly hair. Mine really falls more in the wavy category, but I feel I am still learning and experimenting with how to make it work.

    So… I was in the market for new shampoo, so I’m giving your recommendation a try! 🙂 But here’s my question… Day 2.

    I had a hairdresser tell me to stop washing everyday and promise that my wavys would be even more rockin’ the second day. That sounds good. But when I wake up…. I have what Ella refers to as “crazy hair.” 🙂

    What is your routine when you DON’T shampoo? Do you still wet it? Curl it dry? Use product? I never really know what to do but start all over… and shampoo!

    Okay, that’s my question!

  3. Sarah, I’ll tell you my secrets- although I’d kinda like to see a picture of “crazy hair.” It’s too long for the blog, so I’m sending you a message!

  4. Woot woot! Congratulations! definitely want to stress the no brushing and also would like to suggest you get yourself a microfiber towel to dry your hair and a silk pillow case to sleep on. If you use anything else then it essentially acts like sandpaper on your curls, because of the friction. Both will prevent friction on your hair which which will definitely prevent frizziness!

  5. Yes, Thanks Marcelo! Great tips. Silk pillow cases are a must. And my sister even recommends sometimes not using a towel at all.

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