Dear Mija: One Month

 one month

Dear Mija-

You’re a month old today! Sometimes its hard to imagine life before you were here. You have come into our lives and kind of taken over in the best possible way. We find your baby socks on the table, burp cloths draped over every chair in the house and your blankets in our bed. It’s funny how a little person so small can suddenly take up so much space. Yes, my dear…for the past month you have captured our attention and filled up our hearts and our home.

They say parenting has a steep learning curve. And your Daddy and I couldn’t agree more, but you are helping us a lot. You let out this tiny, but mighty shriek when you’re hungry and you grunt and start to wimpier when you seem uncomfortable. You really, really like to eat which means you’re often attached to me, but that’s ok. I’m just thankful you’re healthy and gaining weight. And you’re a really good sleeper. Well, let me clarify you’re a really good sleeper only when one of is holding you. You sleep best nestled on my chest or when Daddy rocks you in the cargador. And at night we just bring you to bed, right next to me. I tried swaddling you and doing all the things I’ve read about, but you my dear know what you like. And you most certainly do not like you’re arms swaddled in too tight. So now I just leave them out so you can suck on your little hands all night long.

strong one

Mija, from day 1 you have been a strong one. I don’t know where you get it from. But you do crazy thing like hold your head up and roll from your stomach to your back. Your Grandpa says, it’s your Mayan strength. Which since you’re half Mayan, I guess he could be right. : ) You have these bright little eyes that are alert and watching and sparkling. And when I lay you in your little crib you like to look all around, even though I know you probably can’t actually see that much.


Elena, I love watching you and just talking to you. I have been talking to you only in English and Daddy just in Spanish. But sometimes we get confused and we switch. But I’m not too worried yet about language delays. Daddy, says if you’re anything like me you’ll have no problem with your verbal processing : )

You met all your Guatemalan family the first week you were born. Every time they see you they say “ay, que bonita la nena!” and they often tell me that your feet are cold because I don’t always put socks on you. Tomorrow you’re gonna meet your Nana and Papa for the first time and hopefully the rest of your US family in September. They know you and adore you through videos, photos and skyping. Yes, Mija, you’ve become quite good at our morning videos : ) I take a video of you most mornings and send it to your Nana in California. I title them: Mornings with Elena. They wish we lived closer, but I think it just means we’ll have to visit more often.


You’re a month old and part of your newborn-ness if wearing off. You’re out of “recien nacidos” diapers and up to size 3 month onsies!

Mija, I don’t want to forget:

Your soft elbows and smooth feet

Your long toes that curl up when I touch them

Your rosy pink lips

Your fine eyelashes

Your long fingers and how you seem fascinated by your hands

I don’t want to forget how you smell;  a sweet mix of breast milk, and newborn warmth

The little grunting & snorting noises you make when you sleep

Your bright eyes and how you love looking all around like you’re just taking in the world.

The fine hair that covers your back.

Your beautiful skin– we still can’t decide what exactly color it is. Maybe lighter than Daddy’s and darker than mine???

How you always sleep with your right hand curled up in a fist by your cheek. (We even have a picture if you from an ultrasound where you were doing the same thing!)

I don’t want to forget how you sneeze, usually in small bursts of 2 or 3 like me.

How you wake up ever so slowly and kinda grouchy.

How you pucker your little lips and bob your head when you’re looking for my nipple right before you latch on. And yes sometimes you accidentally latch on to my arm. It’s cute for all of 2 seconds, before you let out a wail of disappointment.

I don’t want to forget the sweet smiles you make while you’re sleeping.

Or how you turn your head when you hear Daddy’s voice.

Or how you finally give in and lay your head on my chest to sleep.


Elena, this month you had your:

– first bath in the sink

-first time holding up your head

-first dr. visit

-first breakfast date with me & Daddy

-first time rolling over from your tummy to your back

-first trip to Antigua

-first trip to the US Embassy

-and you became a dual citizen (well, technically not until you set foot on US soil, but we’ll still count it)


Elena, I love being your mom. And can’t wait to watch you grow each month.


With all my love,


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One thought on “Dear Mija: One Month

  1. Wonderful post. I also wrote down things people said to and about Sophia because I knew I would forget them. People do say the funniest things! Enjoy your daughter and I hope you are having a wonderful visit with your parents

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