New Mom {anytime} Gift Guide


Things have been a little quiet around here on the blog. I guess things like work and laundry and oh, trying to figure out how to print my Christmas labels have been taking up most of my time. And then there is this adorable almost 6-month-old girl that is literally quite attached to me…and my boob. She doesn’t yet understand the words “ok, honey it’s nap time. Mama’s gonna write.” We’re working on it. But hasn’t happened yet.

We have been enjoying a week at my parents house. Nothing like a California Christmas and living with a garbage disposer, carpet and within a 5-min drive of Target. Heaven. In all seriousness, I now completely understand why traditionally women lived and worked and raised children among their moms, sisters, and aunts. There is nothing better than watching my mom and sister love and hold and play with my little girl.

Being a mom is hard. And wonderful. And n.e.v.e.r ending.

I put this gift guide together for my friend, Laura’s blog LB’s Good Spoon. If you have a new mom in your life this is just in time for the holidays… or really anytime! Because let’s be honest moms like gifts any time of the year.

Can I get an amen?!

Click here to see the guest post on LB’s Good Spoon.


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