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One of my goals while living the life in the land of Guate was to take more photos. I’ve always loved photography, ever since my 7th grade photo class where yes, folks, we still used 35mm film and developed our own prints in a dark room. I know times are a’changing and most pre-adolescent students now use high tech digital cameras and fancy editing programs like photoshop, but this was before all of that.

I realized I needed to have some external motivation and support to begin my photo taking adventures, so I joined a Photography Club in Antigua.  I should clarify, by joined, I mean I attended one meeting, but I think it counts.

I have finally updated the red Photo tab in the upper right corner of my blog. You can click there or here to see my recent galleries. I’ve begun pulling together some of my favorite shots. For now the galleries are hosted on Flickr because yes, you guessed it. It’s FREE. But if anyone knows another online photo gallery let me know. If you have a Flickr account or a yahoo account you can add me (MichelleBelle82) as a contact so you’ll be able to see when I add new photos.

For now, you can see my recent additions here at Simply Photos.

Happy Friday! I’m off to take some shots before the sun goes down here.

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8 thoughts on “Simply Photos

  1. I will miss your smile. I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for out there, but it sounds like you’ve found it already. Don’t forget to breathe when it overtakes you in one of those expansive views down there and you realize everything is going to be alright. it always was. Enjoy the ride. I liked your tree stump photo.

  2. We miss you at SMHS, Michelle! More importantly, your students will miss you this year. Love your Blog and the photos, too. Hope you got my email. So, are some of these photos of Lake Atitlan??!!

  3. Thanks Mary and Jason! I will miss you guys too. Have a wonderful 1st day of school! Just 179 more to go : )

  4. Ha. Yes, in fact they should look familiar. Maybe I should have written:
    Photo Credit: Michelle
    Cameras Property of: Geordie

  5. Michelle! WOW, what a great blog. I’m so glad you found mine so that I could find yours. I love reading your thoughts and reflections on life down in Guate, it sounds like “content” is the perfect place for you to be right now! And let me tell you how much I enjoyed looking through your pictures. It brough me right back to the month I spent there when we met, and all of the people’s beautiful faces, the colors and the clothing, and the markets and the city shots make me so nostalgic it’s crazy. I will definitely be following your blog and living vicariously through you! Keep taking lots of photos – you have such a good knack for it! -Em

  6. Em, Thanks! I look forward to staying in touch and next time you’re in central america let me know!

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