Somethings Never Change

Every so often on my morning commute, sitting squished in between two adults, on school bus seats not made for three sets of rear-ends, I realize how much my life has changed in the past few months: where I work, where I live and where I buy my groceries. I operate in a Spanish speaking world, with my mind sometimes swimming in between English and Spanglish. The people I see on the streets are new. I don’t ever see the beach. I go to post office, the bank and the local market, but it’s different. I now have “skype dates” with friends not “coffee dates.” My cell phone number, my address and my current form of dinero have changed. Sometimes I have baby freak out moments because let’s be honest, I don’t always do well with change.


Some things never change.

I still eat avocado tomato toast at least twice a week, moan in the mornings, and eat my breakfast on the go. I still walk fast and regularly pass Guatemalans on the sidewalk. I still only wash my hair once a week, use Fabreeze more than I do laundry, and I love finding a free meal or really, anything free. I still use post-it notes. Still set my watch a little ahead so I’m not late in the mornings. Still save my coffee cups to reuse ’em.  Still think a daily does of dark chocolate does the heart good. And I still believe duct tape can fix almost anything. Still have piles of half-read books by my bed. I still confuse my right and left sometimes, still avoid doing the dishes, and I still love Saturday mornings.

Some things never change.

Photo: guess what I am eating for dinner?

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3 thoughts on “Somethings Never Change

  1. I’m glad that some things never change no matter where you are! I love to picture you speedwalking down Guatemalan streets in search of the free! love you.

  2. You introduced me to avocado tomato toast at that coffee shop near my house:) I love it!! Missing you and all of our girls!

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