This is { Wherever } Wednesday #7: The Art of the Smoothie

the smoothie


Perhaps it’s because I grew up in southern California or because my family is a little health crazy, but for whatever reason if there are two things Ackers do well its a) make a really good salad and b) make a smoothie. I mean salads and smoothies- what else better categorizes so cal living, huh?

So on this Wednesday I will share my smoothie making secrets. Gerber and I both love smoothies. Granted we make them differently, but almost every morning we have one for breakfast. Believe it or not we use our blender more than our coffee maker- so very un-guatemalan of us, I know.

My definition of a good smoothie is one that tastes good and is packed full of good things for you (i.e. spinach, flaxseed, natural bee pollen and some power-packed moringa- more on this later). When I make smoothies like this Gerber looks at me and then inspects his glass and asks, “Did you add that healthy stuff?”

To which I always respond, yep. 

He shakes his head ever so slightly. I know what he’s thinking, but he drinks it anyway because it really does taste good. Healthy stuff and all.

The Art of the Smoothie

{my disclaimer: this is recipe for a super healthy smoothie }

Step 1: Frozen fruit- I usually add a handful of frozen strawberries, one banana, a few blackberries and if we have pineapple or papaya I throw that in too. (really you can add whatever fruit you have on hand- fill your blender about 2/3 of the way full with the frozen fruit)

Step 2: Frozen Spinach– I like freezing it in little plastic baggies so it’s always on hand. (Now, if you’re making this for picky eaters or picky spouses, I’ll just tell you straight up, you usually can see little specs of green, but you really can’t taste anything. promise)

Step 3: Flaxseed, Bee Pollen and/or some Moringa– I don’t know if Moringa is available in the states, but its should be. It’s packed with plant based vitamins and minerals. It’s grown here locally, but I think you can order it online if you’re interested. Obviously this is all depending on what you or your family have in the pantry. I add ground Flax for some good omega-3s and fiber, locally grown bee pollen, which is supposed to help with seasonal allergies and has all kinds of B-vitamins and the moringa, well I think is kind of like a plant miracle. {you could also add honey if you wanted)

I also usually add about 1/2 cup of plain yogurt– or whatever kind you have in the fridge.

Step 4: Orange Juice- To me this is the secret. You can use soy milk or another kind of milk product but the orange juice adds a little natural sweetener and flavor. Pour the OJ almost up the same level as the fruit.

Step 5: Blend- add a little more OJ or water depending on desired thickness.

Step 6: Pour – And know that you’re drinking one of thee healthiest smoothies around. Bonus: it’s great to take on the go.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Happy Wednesday!


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6 thoughts on “This is { Wherever } Wednesday #7: The Art of the Smoothie

  1. I have dusted off my blender in this past year, and my recipe looks similar–without the healthy stuff (Does that make mine more like Gerber’s?), and using Greek yogurt for the thickness and protein. I’ve always been scared of the spinach/kale addition. I really dislike eating them, so I really don’t want to taste them. How much of it are you adding?

    My smoothie is usually second breakfast-cereal or toast with coffee is breakfast.

  2. ha. yes– that does make yours more similar to gerber’s– although he’s even more of purist- just fruit and juice. Apparently he’s not going for protein, vitamins and healthy stuff. Ok, so trust me you really won’t taste the spinach at all as long you add some kind of stronger fruit flavor (strawberries, pina, and/or OJ) and if you add dark berries you won’t even see it. promise. try it : )

  3. Yes! I’ve been making smoothies a lot to drink on my drive into work. I make them pretty similarly, but usually I use kale instead of spinach, some shredded carrots, and sprinkle the whole flax seeds on top. David admits they’re not that bad even with all the healthy stuff. 🙂 I haven’t heard of Moringa before, but it looks amazing… I might have to try some of that!

  4. 2 egg whites and 1 full egg with trader joes green salsa plus a bowl of oatmeal with some nuts thrown on top. Avg 6 days a week.

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