Two Kinds of Distance

I missed out on last Friday’s post, but I am back this week.

Thanks to Gypsy Mama’s FiveMinuteFridays. All you have to do is just write for 5 min. And not worry if it’s just right or not. No editing. No revising. Just write.

Today’s Prompt: Distance

Distance is the longing that stretches between countries and also the emptiness that can so easily fill a room. It’s interesting to me how we can feel distant from loved ones who live in a different time zone; there is a missing, a nostalgia and a longing that permeates when there is a physical distance between two people. I know, I feel it often. However, there is another kind of distance and perhaps it’s more painful. It’s the distance that isn’t measured in miles, but in emotions. It’s teh distance you feel when you’ve argued with someone you love. You can be sitting in the same car, or even on the same couch cushion but feel miles apart and misunderstood. This kind of distance is heavy and lonely.

I’m not sure if I like the word distance….do you?


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7 thoughts on “Two Kinds of Distance

  1. For the first time in more than a year, I had a phone conversation this week with one of my brothers. I thought about the distance we’ve had in our relationship over the years, not born out of hostility, but rather, out of apathy. Things have been especially distant since our mom passed away more than five years ago…

    But as you note, not all distance is bad…

    Great to connect via Five Minute Fridays.

  2. Distance not measured in miles but emotions–so true! I always find it strange that I can be emotionally closer to someone half a world away than I am to someone next door. Good writing!

  3. Sheryl, isn’t that funny…how we can feel emotionally close to someone half way around the world but feel “distant” from our neighbor or someone who even lives in the same house.

  4. I remember hearing once that the difference between distance and space (say, if you tell someone you need space vs distance) is that space is something you can move around in, while distance needs to be bridged. I’ve always thought about the word distance differently after that with its implication of needing repair.

  5. Wow. Audrey, that’s so true! I like how you distinguished between space vs. distance. It makes sense because sometimes we need space from people we love- and that’s probably a healthy thing. But you’re absolutely right, that distance connotes the idea of needing to repair something.

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