Waking Up. Slowly.

I like to wake up slowly. I always have.

Usually my waking up process involves two alarms, accompanied by numerous snooze buttons and some occasional moanings. I have never, and probably ever will be a morning person. I prefer to wake by slowly, letting the sun peek in through an open window.

I like waking up, but not getting up right away. I’d rather stay in bed, snuggled in my comforter, reading or writing with a cup of coffee or tea at my side. This is how waking up should be.

Metaphorically, I think I also wake up slow. It takes me time to get used to something new; a new idea, a new place. I might know intuitively, on a gut level, that I need to do something or change something, but it takes me time  {slowly and cautiously}  to get used to that idea. It takes me time to listen to myself, to that still, quiet voice inside that says, c’mon wake up. go. i have something new for you.

Waking up is a slow process for me.

{Yes, I know in fact that it’s not Friday. But was gone all day yesterday at an amusement park with 100 kiddos from school. I now know why parents never seem to be as excited about amusement parks as the kids. I slept for 12 hours and woke up very slowly this morning}

So, for this week it’s Five Minute Friday on Saturday.

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9 thoughts on “Waking Up. Slowly.

  1. I am such a morning person: alarm set for 5:15am and I hardly ever hear the alarm because I am already awake. I get up right away to start my day. However, when vacation comes around, I do like to stay cozy and read for a bit before getting up.

    Did you hear Ed Behrens is our new principal for next year?

  2. I.love.to.sleep. It’s my favorite sport and we are fast friends on the “waking up slowly” bit. Chris does all the breakfast for the family. It’s a very good partnership.

  3. Visiting from 5min Fridays. Read your “About” section. I am from CA, too! I was born and raised in San Diego, went to college in Los Angeles, and lived in Ventura for a couple of years afterward. I rise quickly, too, but I like to sit in bed awhile. Goodness! I hope you are well rested after your big outing with all of the kids!

  4. Heather, I think Saturday submitters are just fine. Glad you’re also doing the fiveminfridays : )

    Helen, I envy people like you. And yes, I did hear about Ed becoming the prinicpal. wow. that’s exciting.

    Krista, I knew we were friends for a reason

    Thanks to thefarmerflies. Nice to meet another Californian.

    Jennifer, welcome to the blog. I’m glad you agree about the amusement park, I thought it was just me.

    Carrie, so glad to hear this : )

  5. Though I am a morning person I think there’s something really good about waking up slowly or learning to wake up. And not just get up; not just get up and go. There are advantages to waking up slowly. I think I could blog if all I did were 5 minute Friday’s. I like that someone gives me a topic of what to write about. But for now I’ll just enjoy your 5 minute Friday’s, even on Sunday!

  6. I hope we can have many wake-up slow days in Guate : ) See you guys on WEDNESDAY!

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