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Rain boots are probably not the most essential item of clothing in Santa Barbara. It rains maybe, maybe 5 days out of the year here, so, any cloudy, slightly drizzly day is a good enough excuse for me to pull out my rain boots.

Today I marched into work wearing my cute, cherry rain boots. About 10 minutes into 1st period, when the rest of the class was busying coping notes off the board, one of my students in the back made a comment just loud enough for the whole class to hear:

-woah, ms. acker’s boots are flossy.

Flossy? Is that what he said? I ignored the comment partly because it was off topic, but also because I had no idea what it meant. Flossy. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Thanks to the fine folks at urban dictionary.com I learned a new word today:

Flossy (adjective): Superficially stylish; Showy; Attracts attention with looks or nice things; similar to “bling”; someone or something that is considered cool or stylish


“Your new cell phone is so flossy” or “We’re gonna show up all flossed out.”

Apparently Fergie’s song Glamorous also refers to “flossy flossy.”

Oh, the things I learn from high schoolers. Ill add flossy to the other slew of slang words my students say (words like dank, baller, trippin, days, hater, bumpin…and I could go on!)

At least I can rest assured that wearing flossy boots is a relatively good thing.

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