You Know You’re in Guatemala When

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You Know You’re in Guatemala When

the smell of exhaust becomes all too familiar. a mariachi band performs on the corner of central park. your point of reference for a new place is based on the color of the wall, rather than the actual address. Bunas dias is the first thing you hear every morning.

you forget that the little basket next to the toilet is actually where the TP goes. you can see the top of almost everyones’ head. tortillas, liquados y helados are sold on every corner. And even though you’re wearing sandals the boys in park still ask if they can shine your shoes?

you trip once or twice a day on the uneven cobble stone streets. seatbelts are obsolete.  the pace of life is slower. you wait in line and no one seems to complain or be in a hurry. behind tall, closed doors are enchanting gardens and fountains. And your heart is happy and content.

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8 thoughts on “You Know You’re in Guatemala When

  1. I love, love, love your new blog and this post makes me happy. I wish I could also be walking those cobblestone streets today.

  2. Wow Michelle, I can’t believe you’re there!!! How exciting! I can’t wait to here about everything… Skype date soon

  3. I love it! You have a wonderful way of writing what you experience! I’m so glad you made it safely. I look forward to reading more…. 🙂

  4. Jenna! Email me your skype info. I’m excited for a skype date…I’m even more excited to see you in a month!

  5. Ash you’re so sweet. The blog would not exist without the help of your husband. He has been SO SO helpful!

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