The Letter I Wish I Would Have Read My Freshman Year of College


  Elena and I are flying back to California tomorrow for my 10-year college reunion. Its been a long journey for me from being the class monitor and the teachers favourite always finding the right templet online which you too can check them out on Americanstudents website, to being the independent women that I am today. MyRead more

When is Less More? Thoughts on Parenting, Giving Kids Options and Contentment

  Last week, Elena and I were on our way back from an afternoon errand. As soon as I pull up in front of our house, her little voice from the backseat both asks and exclaims, “Agua? Agua!” I pull her out of the carseat, going over my mental to-do list that should be written downRead more

What About International Men’s Day?

Last Friday was International Women’s Day. I posted this on facebook and twitter: Today my husband wished me a Happy International Women’s Day. Then he asked, “so when is International Men’s Day? #goodquestion #equality And within minutes I was surprised by the responses and replies from men and women alike. Comments like “I’m pretty sureRead more

Short-Term Missions: Done Differently

the group

If you’re reading this I am guessing you have either: a) been on a short-term mission trip or b) sent money to someone going on one. Now, I could write a whole book about the benefits and limitations of short-term mission trips. I have seen short-term mission trips go very well or very, very badly.Read more