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I found this blog, The Gypsy Mama, through another blog that I follow called, Halfway to Normal. I’d like to think in real life I would be friends with both of these two women, but the blogging world is strange like that. You can feel like you know someone, without ever really meeting them. I have never met either one of these women, but I appreciate their perspective, their writing and their ideas.

And I loved this one. It’s called Five Minute Fridays. Lisa-Jo posted this a few months ago:

“What if I took five minutes and wrote them down just to see what would come out? Not a perfect post, not a profound post, just an exercise in the discipline of writing.”

So this is my first attempt. It’s five minutes. On a Friday. To practice the art and the discipline of writing. You should try, it.


Today’s prompt: I feel most loved when…

5 min.  ready.  set.  timer.  on

I feel most loved when I receive a package in the mail or a card from a friend. I feel most loved when my boyfriend says, “I called just because I wanted to hear your voice.” Or when someone tells me that they missed me.

When I was little I used to feel most loved when I’d climb into bed and find a note on my pillow from Mom. I still feel loved when I find a note scribbled on a napkin or on the back of receipt or on a yellow post-it note. And I feel most loved when someone says my five favorite words:

I. have. something. for. you.

I feel most loved when one of my students says “thank you” or when someone gives me a sincere, compliment. I like compliments, not flattery. I feel loved when someone respects me and listens to me. I feel loved when someone asks me questions. And when someone tells me the truth.

I feel most loved when I can feel equally comfortable laughing and crying with a good friend. Usually not at the same time. I feel loved when someone surprises me! And I feel most loved when someone hugs me, the good-warm-embracing-slightly-squeezing kind of hugs.

(confession: i added a few extra minutes to include the links and the intro. I’ll be honest. 1o minute Fridays might be more my style)

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday

  1. I appreciate you bloggers and I also follow The Gypsy Mama. Thanks for the encouragement to write!

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