happy one year anniverary to this lovely couple!

the lovely couple

Carrie and I met online.  Really, she is proof that blog friends can become real friends.

We both were following this blog written by a women who knows what cross-cultural marriage and coming-going looks like. Carrie and I were each writing our own fiveminutefridays when one day I got a comment, asking if I lived in Guatemala?


From that comment on, we became friends.

We found out we both speak myers-briggs, enjoy coffee, and doing crafty DIY projects. When we met she was months away from marrying her husband-to-be and I was weeks away from getting engaged to mine.


And she gets what some people just can’t.

The beauty and challenge of doing life in a culture that is not your own.

The crazy, in-betweenness of feeling at home, but still being an outsider.

The wonderful complexity of navigating marriage not just between two people, but between two cultures.

I never understood until being married just how important it is to have other people in your life as a couple. The first thing I’d say to newly married couples is find some friends who will tell you your not alone, who will laugh at you when awkward things happen and will encourage you to keep going.

Today Carrie and Mardo celebrate their first year of marriage!

I am thankful for their honesty, their friendship and their example to how to live together.

 {It is an added bonus that they like The Office,  live music and having dinner together every Tuesday}


Felicidades a uds! Vamos a estar aqui para celebrar su segundo año!

{i think this is the secret to a happy marriage: sharing desserts like this }

What’s your advice for the 2nd year of marriage?

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4 thoughts on “happy one year anniverary to this lovely couple!

  1. Hi Michelle- I am so thankful that you and Carrie found each other and can support one another in your lives in Guatemala. May God richly bless you and your husband!

  2. I love this post. David and I have also found it so enriching to have good couple friends that we can be honest and real with. Makes the difficult parts of merging life with another person easier to have friends that we can commiserate and laugh about it with. Yay for friends!

  3. What special friends you found to navigate life with. We all need friends who are like family, and they seem like so.

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