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Did I mention that I moved a few weeks ago? In between starting a new school year and coming back from the states I also moved to a new adorable, studio apartment on the other side of Antigua. My lease ended at my previous place and instead of paying for December and continuing my lease I decided a move to a new place with a little more outside space. So, voila.

The patio:

por el dia                                                                                                      por la noche

This is perhaps, my favorite feature of my new place. Saturday mornings sitting at the table, afternoons in the hammock and dinner with little white lights strung along the bushes. Awwww, I could live on the patio. My original idea of installing a pulley system with a tray table direct to the kitchen below so I could easily bring up a day’s supply of food and drinks was vetoed by someone who reminded me that would mean there must be someone else in the kitchen. Hmm. Good point. So, for now I climb the stairs balancing my book, journal, iced latte and computer in one hand so I can unlock the door with the other.

I still think a pulley system would be classic.

Other things I love:

The big, open kitchen space, with hanging rods for mugs, utensils and towels!

2 closets with ample storage and custom installed shelves by G.

Lots of natural light from 4 big windows.

A really comfy sofa (excellent for naps and movie watching)

Having friends and guests over.

Things I don’t love:

Not a single drawer in the WHOLE place. Not one. Makes for some creative decorating and storing. You don’t realize how much you can “hide” in a drawer until you don’t have them.

Fluctuating water pressure. Not sure why, but every evening around 10:30 I lose water pressure. And by lose it I mean, no water comes out. So this means showering and dish washing must be done before. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way a few times.


Overall, I am nothing, but thankful. Home is a good place to be. I am learning sometimes home is not a literal place, but a figurative one. Maybe home is where the heart is, even if you can’t remember which box you packed it in : )

photo credit: CurlyGirl Designs

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6 thoughts on “Home Is Where…

  1. ahh, I love the hammock on your porch! I wish I was there to be the person in your kitchen loading up the pulley system with treats.

  2. Helen, your sense is correct : ) but I haven’t made any final decisions yet.

    And Chels, wish you were here to help in the treat department. One thing I’ve realized is that Guatemalan’s don’t really snack! I mean not the in-between meals peanut butter pretzels, or hummus and pita, or chocolate covered soy beans kinda snacks.

  3. I love that I can picture this adorable apartment! It’s a perfect home for you Michelle. You always have a way of making where you are your home. Love you.

  4. I will find myself with you soon….I don’t know when exactly, but I am determined. Love it, and love you.

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