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19th August
written by Michelle

I am a little embarrassed that my blogging skills lost momentum after just 3 posts. Well, lets be honest they didn’t really lose momentum, so much as stop all together. whoops. Here I am on my last night of summer, trying to quickly recap the past few weeks.

  • I returned from Guatemala to the land of smooth streets, wide grocery store isles and oversized vehicles (3 things I did not see while I was there). It always takes me awhile to adjust back to life here-some of the common conveniences and normal daily tasks suddenly don’t feel quite as common or as normal. It’s like trying to walk when your foot is asleep; your leg knows what it’s supposed to do, but your whole foot feels limp and clumsy. I limped through a few days and weeks questioning why I needed to check my email every 30 min, and why do I drive my car to the store that is less than a mile away? Don’t get me wrong I am extremely blessed and grateful for my life here, but living overseas with nothing but a backpack, some good friends and endless free time changes your perspective a bit.
  • My final 2 weeks in Guatemala were filled with many hours traveling on chicken buses, seeing good friends and visiting the family who I lived with last year. Here’s a few pictures:
Lago Atilan- perhaps my favorite place in Guatemala!
My friend Grace and I waiting for out boat-taxi…seriously!

I know they say you shouldn’t eat the fruit from the street vendors…BUT this was worth it!

  • At the end of July I helped plan and host our first Westside Kids Club Day Camp. Some of you know that I have been volunteering at a low-income apartment complex for the past year or so. There are numerous kids who live here, so this was our first attempt at doing a camp. The apartment complex has a neat focus on proving residents with resources and services so they can improve their situation in life. We had a great week with songs, water games, parachutes, and whip cream- hey, why not?

  • And then last week I got to spend the weekend with my 3 closest friends from college. Once or twice a year we try to gather from our various cities and states and have a total girls weekend together…mission accomplished. (thank you, GWT)
  • Tomorrow teachers return to school. Students come on Monday. Summer is officially over. I guess all good things do come to an end….here’s to summer!