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19th July
written by Michelle

101 secrets

In case you were worried that this was becoming a baby blog, not to fear. (although, I am in fact wearing the baby while I try and type this :)

Paul Angone is a friend from Westmont who just published his first book: 101 Secrets For Your Twenties. I’ve followed Paul’s journey on his blog over the years and watched as he has tapped into something I think most 20-something feel: this longing for reassurance that I am not alone.

I think everyone in their 20s at some point asks, “Is this what life is supposed to feel like?” There is this underlying feeling that makes you wonder, doubt and re-evaluate well, everything. I know when I look back at my 20s I think about how often I moved, how many different roommates I lived with, how many awkward dates I went on and how often I wondered what I was doing wrong? I wrote a post right before I turned 30 about What I learned in my 20s.

To be honest, Paul’s book is the kind of book I wish I would have had when I graduated college and began navigating life in my 20s. He writes with an honest, hilarious and wise voice of a friend who has been there, a friend who gets it. He interweaves part of his own story into each secret. It’s the kind of book you could pick up and read in one setting, or read just a little bit over several weeks. The 101 secrets are succinct, insightful and so, so right on.

These are a few of my favorites:






See, so good! Did you find yourself nodding along?

Seriously, I think this could be a great book to read with 5-10 other 20-somethings. Get your friends or college group or church small group together and read it and then spend time discussing it. I think part of the journey for our generation of 20-somethings is to connect with other people in real life, not just via social media sites. But in real life where you can sit, touch, listen, see and talk about this funny thing called life in your 20s.

Paul’s book is available at Amazon: Amazon and Barns & Noble. Don’t miss out!


P.S. For anyone who doesn’t understand Stuff 20-Somethings Say…check out this hilarious video