High Five for Friday

It’s Friday and I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five for Friday, which I saw on my friend Meredith’s blog: Elevensies. Both are worth checking out.

Now for my 5 things:

1. I am officially on maternity leave! And I must admit it feels pretty good. Secretly or not so secretly I would be happy if baby girl waited a few more weeks to come. I know, I say that now and I am probably going to be complaining come 41 or 42 weeks— but maternity leave (without a newborn or any other kiddos) feels a bit like a mini-vacation : ) I can’t remember the last time I forwarded all email, checked everything of my to-do list and turned over keys, folders, summer schedules, classroom plans, etc. I plan on soaking it up while I can.

2. Monday is Guatemalan Father’s Day- It’s always June 17th- the date doesn’t change like it does in the states. When I asked G what he wanted for Father’s Day he said “A day with his girls.” (insert: awwwwwwww) Why he is so sweet?

3. Walking and doing errands is slowly getting harder and well, slower. Cobblestone streets and little parking around town don’t make it any easier. However, I thoroughly enjoy my “front-of-the-line” pass that I get at every bank in town. It’s like the bigger my belly is, the quicker I get ushered to the front. If you live in Guatemala you know it’s common to wait in huge colas, anywhere from 10-40 min just to go to the bank and if you’re like us you probably have to visit 3 different banks just to pay rent, electricity and any other monthly deposits.  I tend to use this pregnancy perk and enjoy it for as long as I can.

4. I love having visitors and last week my dear friend and her husband came to visit us and explore Guatemala. Having friends in town always makes me go out and appreciate where we live. Thanks Dee and Mike for staying with us, being a part of our life and even taking our dog out 🙂

5. Two words: TED Talks Since I’ve been home a bit more and trying to rest and I would probably fall asleep if we watched a whole movie, I’ve been enjoying TED talks- 20 min of fascinating information and stories. Just watching it makes you feel smarter. My sister sent me this one: The linguistic genius of babies and my brother shared this one awhile ago: The way we think about charity is dead wrong (a must for anyone in the non-profit world). What are some of your favorite TED talks? Do share- I could potentially have 3-4 weeks here at home.

Happy Friday!

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8 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Sarah Kay - If I should have a daughter. You must watch this TED talk. Performance poet…used in my class for inspiration.

  2. Yay for maternity leave! I recently realized I haven’t really planned a “start date.” I was like, “I guess when the baby is born…”

    Now that my big belly is making it difficult to reach my keyboard and for some reason, Baby is causing my vision in one eye to be blurry, my co-workers are like, “What are you doing, Crazy Lady?”

    I hope your days are restful as you await for her arrival. I’m thrilled! 🙂

  3. I am so glad that you are getting some maternity leave time without a baby. I planned on taking a week off before Sophia was born. I had visions of going out to lunch, seeing a movie, and more. But no… I taught on Friday and went into labor late Saturday night/Sunday morning. I spent the time in the labor room with my sub going over lesson plans! So there was no time off without baby for me. 🙂

  4. Thanks Helen- I was worried that might happen. Doing sub plans while in labor. Thankfully she cooperated and didn’t come before : )

  5. Sarah, I think having a date to leave, turn things in and sign off has been great. Baby (and co-workers) may appreciate it : ) Hope the eye gets better!

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