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17th June
written by Michelle

{Today is Guatemalan Father’s Day. And I imagine if our little girl could talk this is what she would say to her Daddy, her Papi}

Dear Papi,

I know you already love me. I like when you lean your iphone against mama’s belly to play our song. I will dance with you and probably fall asleep in your arms. I like when you sing to me and make goofy faces. And I like when you talk to me and whisper, “You’re my baby daughter.”

I know you have been praying for me. Please keep doing that, I will need it. When I fall down, I will probably cry. And when I am scared I will want to be in your arms. But help me to get up. Tell me I can keep going. Will you teach me how to ride a big-girl bike? Mama, says we should start with a bicycle…not a motorcycle. And that I have to wear a helmet.

I know you will always think I am beautiful, just because I am your daughter. And I like it when you tell me, but also tell me why. Tell me why I am a beautiful and what makes me special. You will probably also tell me when I am not being nice.  I need that, too. You will help me grow and learn how to be kind.

Daddy, you are brave and strong and I want to be brave and strong like you. Help me jump rocks and learn how to dive in the pool. Show me that brave people sometimes have to wait their turn and have a good attitude when you lose the game. Tell me sorry when you hurt my feelings or get mad at me. And I will try to do the same.

I think we will have lots of fun, you and I, going out for ice cream and driving in your car. I will probably ask you lots of questions. Will you tell me about the house where you grew up? And how the first sound you remember hearing every morning was the sound of your mom making tortillas by the fire? I want to hear the story of when you escaped from Kindergarten and how you used to climb trees and hide way up high. I will probably ask you to tell me these stories a hundred times. You might get tired of them, but I won’t. And will you take me to the coffee fields where you used to help your grandma pick coffee? And will you show me the streets where you walked to deliver paper in Guatemala city?

Please show me how to love other people and how to be kind and how to stand up for those who other people make fun.  Will you teach me how to play soccer? And how to eat my caldo with a tortilla in one hand just like you? And when we go to the park and I yell, watch me from the swings, will you come and watch me even though you’ve probably seen me jump off the swings a million times before.

I will ride on your shoulders when I get tired of walking and will hold your hand when crossing the street.

One day when I get older I will probably not hold your hand in front of my friends. And I might roll my eyes when you say a dumb joke and embarrass me. But the truth is, I will probably need you even more during these years. Make time to listen to me. And hug me. And try to remember all the names of my friends. When I come home from school crying, I bet you will want to fix it, but I think mommy already taught you that sometimes I just want you to sit on my bed and listen to me. That’s it.

I know I will probably make you mad. I might scream and yell and say mean things. And you might not know what to do with me sometimes. I think all Dad’s feel that. Just remember I still need you.

I will always need you in my life.

Daddy, I know you love Jesus and I know that Jesus doesn’t just speak English. Will you read me the Bible in Spanish and take me to places where I can see that Jesus really does love all of the children of the world- red, and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Will you show me what you believe and give me space to figure out what I do?

The truth is you will be the first man I love. Your approval and opinion matter the most to me. But one day you might have to let me go. You might see me hold another man’s hand and move away, but know that I will pick a good man, someone strong and kind like you. And even when I am big and all grown up, please don’t forget I was yours first.

You know, I don’t want to be your princess or your baby, I just want to be your daughter. And no matter how old I get I will still grab your hand and I tell you, I love you.

I think I am the luckiest girl in the whole world. I get to be your daughter. And you get to be my Dad.

Feliz dia del Padre! Te amo, Papi.


Your Daughter



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  1. 17/06/2013

    Beautiful, Michelle! I am so excited to read your blog as you and Gerber begin your journey as parents; it is such an amazing ride!

  2. Kathy Rycek

    made me cry.

  3. Michelle

    Thanks Helen and Kathy!

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