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27th June
written by Michelle

I never wanted to be one of those moms who fills your facebook and instrgram feeds with pics of our little girl.

However, I have a confession: I might just be one of those moms.

Motherhood has surprised me. I didn’t know it was possible to love a little person so deeply, so instantly and so profoundly.

We are adjusting to being a family of three, learning how to take care of each other in new ways. Little baby clippers and pink hats lay on the table, pillows once piled up on the bed often land on the floor and I’m pretty sure breast milk and spit up are on all of my clothes. But we’re making space and a home for our little one. We’re learning and going slow and being gracious. We have no schedule and little routine, expect for our daily sun time at 10am and 3pm. (10 minutes of little Vitamin D is good for mama and baby…and helps keep the jaundice at bay)

I’ve been learning to stay put, let my body heal, and let others fill in. Gerber has been husband and dad extraordinaire. It all started when he held our daughter for 6 straight hours after she was born, so I could sleep. And friends have come by to fill our fridge, clean our kitchen, hold our little one even when things aren’t put away and tidy.

Friends and family have brought us meals, stopped by with groceries and carried away our laundry. (yes, we’re doing newborn life without access to our washing machine and dryer #firstworldproblem, right? I tell myself a few months without one is better than having to carry laundry on my head, walk a mile to the local pila in order to wash clothes by hand.)

Now, the little person you’ve been waiting to meet:


Elena Gabriella Perez Acker

born on

Friday June 21st 8:35pm

7lbs 4oz 19 in long

She’ll be making an appearance on the blog, but I promise this won’t become a complete mom blog. Just maybe for the next few weeks.

Here are a few pics from our first week together. We are so in love with this little one.


{ first little manicure }

{ wat up?!? }

{ we have about 7 different types of baby carriers }

P.S. Next good nap she takes, I’ll write the birth story. Partly so I remember it and partly so I can share it with so many of you who I don’t get to tell it to in person.


  1. Kathy Rycek

    I for one hope to see many Elena photos on your blog! She has many first to accomplish you know :) You won’t be able to stop yourself. Wait and see ;)

    She sure does look like Gerber especially in the eyes. So adorable!

  2. 27/06/2013

    hey you legend
    i am not the biggest baby story but wow this post moved me [more because i'm a big church person maybe and seeing the body come together of family, friends and community always excites me] but ja just so cool reading about this part of your journey and excited about the months and years ahead… and as someone who is of the opinion that 90% of babies are ugly and parents lie, i do have to admit that you’re part of the 10% - so much character locked up in that little face… love it…
    much strength for the times ahead - and sounds like your husbandman is a winner and that makes me greatly happy as well
    love brett fish

  3. You won’t be able to help yourself-you’ll turn into a mommy blog. And don’t beat yourself up about it. Your daughter is precious and we love seeing the pics. Congrats to you and Gerber!

  4. 27/06/2013

    I am LOVING your posts and pics. I thought I’d never turn into the mom who blogged/Facebooked/instagrammed her kid but alas, as soon as she was born, I couldn’t help myself. So, I say, go for it! She’s precious and we all want to hear details about her birth and your first days. Happy for you, Michelle!

  5. Tricia

    Oh Michelle!!! Elena is beautiful! I always knew you would
    be an amazing mom. And it looks like you are getting off to an
    excellent start. I really hope I can meet Elena next time you are
    visiting California. Enjoy the coming weeks because they fly by!
    Cherish this special time with your little girl. I’m looking
    forward to your “birthing story” as I’m sure it will be a good
    read. Love you!!! Oh and just come on and join the club already and
    post as many pictures/stories of Elena as you want. Your a proud
    mama, that’s all it says. XOXO

  6. carrie eacker

    keep the pictures COMING! Cannot wait to hear your birth
    story. Wish I could fly to Guatemala right now. LOVE HER!!!! just a
    little piece of advice-when it gets really rough is when the
    euphoria wears off and sleep deprivation sets in. Just remember you
    are not crazy you are just exhausted and try to get naps as OFTEN
    as you can. hugs!

  7. Grace Chisholm

    I love the name! Great choice, you two. Congratulations.
    Elena is going to have such a rich life full of love, color,
    culture and an identity as a beloved woman with two countries to
    call home, and one wonderful God.

  8. Abigail

    She’s so beautiful!!! So excited to get to know her over
    the blog… Glad you’re doing well.

  9. christe Gomez

    I can’t wait to hear your birth story!
    Also…if you find clippers annoying..I bit off Samuel’s nails the first year of his life. They are so fragile and when my hubby tried to cut them when he was a year old he made them bleed….
    Miss you..Your daughter is beautiful. I’m so happy for you!

  10. Michelle

    Thanks Carrie. I’ve always been a fan of napping…and now like never before : )

  11. Michelle

    Thanks Tricia!

  12. Michelle

    Thanks Bret! I’m glad you think we made the 10%- phew, what a relief : )

  13. Michelle

    Thanks Kathy, yes she does!

  14. 01/07/2013

    I love seeing baby photos! I was an expert baby fingernail cutter and ended up cutting for most of my friends. :-)

  15. Cassie and Chase

    We are so thrilled for you guys. You look happy, and so
    does the little one. Sweet smiles and expressions. Cannot wait to
    meet her. I want to hear the birth story, too!

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