Project 52: Week 5, 6 and 7

I know the idea of a weekly project is to have… umm, weekly pictures & posts. But these days, I always feel a little behind, so why not combine 3 into one, right?

Week 5: My mom was visiting and I snapped this while we strolled around Antigua one morning:

We loved having Nana here. She did lots of rocking and playing and holding (for Elena) and washing, cooking and cleaning (for me!) I think she wishes we lived closer to her town, but for now she makes more frequent visits to our town and for that I am so very thankful.

Week 6: Last week had a medical and dental team here and we took a Elena for the first time to the community where we work. The days were hot, long and rewarding. I was a little nervous about bringing Elena out in the middle of no where with dirt floors, dusty roads and sweltering heat. But she did great. I swear she was more content being outside under a mango tree, napping in the hammock and playing with the kids than she ever is at home. Ironic, no? This was the moment we drove home and took a second to appreciate the stillness and tiredness that comes at the end of day when you’re body and heart feel tired and full.

And This Week (wee7 ): Elena and I both enjoy our {almost} everyday afternoon walks. We usually find a neighbor watering his lawn, visit the playground or walk to buy some fruits and veggies from our friends. This is Monica. She has two sweet little girls, 18 months and 3 years, who come and help her sell her veduras in the park. Whenever they see us coming they say “hola, nena. hola, nena.” (hi, baby girl). Elena gets a free ride and I get some fresh fruits and veggies without having to drive to the store.


What’s been happening in your town recently?


Are you new here? This idea of Project 52 started here and was part of my new years goals to appreciate the little things in my neighborhood. You can see the previous weeks here.


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