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21st March
written by Michelle

Let’s be honest, words like resign, retire, or change have a much better connotation, than the word Q.U.I.T. “Quit sounds like a 4-letter word you mutter under your breath when you’re fed up with something. However, about a month ago I officially quit my job in Santa Barbara.


quit (kwt) - To give up; relinquish


It’s hard to quit or “give up” things that are good. I loved teaching high school English in Santa Barbara. I loved the students who I worked with and their challenging, yet creative ways of expressing themselves. I loved learning the best way to connect with families and patiently listen to parents’ concerns and frustrations. I loved working with a diverse and spirited group of teachers. But I also think sometimes it’s easy let the good and the comfortable, prohibit us from embracing change or exploring something new.


Not Sure What’s Next


For most of life I have lived with a pretty clear picture of “what’s next.” I have had goals, expectations, and plans since I was probably about the age of 10 and quitting anything was not part of those plans. For as long as I can remember I have known more or less what to expect every year: school starts in August, ends in June, two months of summer, and then, repeat. I went from Kindergarten to high school, then college and grad school in the same fashion. Then, I started teaching within the same system.

Part of my journey this past year has been letting go of my plans and my expectations. It’s been a process of listening, waiting and embracing the unknown. It’s almost like God has been asking me, “Do you trust me even when you don’t know what’s next?” And to be honest, this has been a hard process. How do we live with goals and dreams, but also the faith to admit we have no idea what’s next?

Room for Something New


When I “planned out” my life I never imagined leaving Santa Barbara to come to Guatemala for a year. And I never imagined that I would want to stay longer. I didn’t plan on leaving my job. And I certainly didn’t plan on falling in love with a country, a man and a life with more unknowns, than knowns right now.

But I’m learning that quitting something, leaves room to start something new. My dad used to always tell me when we say no to one thing, we say yes to something else.

What is something that you quit or let go of in your life?


  1. 21/03/2011

    It’s so great that you are allowing yourself to “quit” the SB stuff and enjoy the NOW in Guatemala! I signed on (and paid for) to do National Board Certification this year. Due to the new SMHS website and email switch-over I didn’t do any of it until January when, really, it was too late. It was so difficult for me to admit that my heart wasn’t in it this time around and that I should quit before my due date of mid-March. But I did (and got most of my money back) and I feel so much more relaxed! I have so much going on that not doing National Boards is okay. Whew.

  2. Michelle

    helen, I think sometimes it’s so hard for us to admit when we need to stop and NOT do something, when our culture says “oh, of course you can do one more thing.” I admire you!

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