I am so thankful to be drinking homemade coffee, eating homemade cinnamon rolls, sitting at my desk, surrounded by the pieces of life that make up a home. There are dishes in the sink, empty boxes on the floor and receipts scattered on the table. But…


i  am  h.o.m.e.


{and it feels so, so good}

After spending the past month living out of a backpack and the previous two months living in a swirl of graduations and good-byes and wedding planning and preparations, it feels wonderful to be settling into life. here. together.

We’re are learning how to make a home, figuring out new routines and ways of doing things. buying groceries. merging bank accounts. arguing about little things. agreeing on most of the big things. and re-discovering the fine art of compromising often and communicating well.

There will always be part of me that misses parts of life in California. I may never like the hellos and goodbyes that are inevitable when a country separates me from family and friends. And the transition of coming and going will probably always be hard. But the truth is I feel at home here.  I feel at home with him.

I think a house becomes a home when it is filled with gratitude and contentment. And I for one, feel very grateful and quite content. I believe this is where we’re going to build our home and our life. At least for now.

Here’s to 2012. And finding home. May your house be filled with gratitude and contentment in the year ahead.


P.S. I will post pictures of our new humble abode once we do a little cleaning : )

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9 thoughts on “h.o.m.e.

  1. Michele,

    Thank you for this post. Your writing encourages me across the miles to find contentment in my home, whatever the mess. Transitions can be difficult, but also sweet in what they teach us about ourselves and those around us. May your home-building together continue to teach you much.

  2. I always cry when I read your posts! (Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant) I love how you have journeyed and found love and joy and contentment and ADVENTURE!!! Blessings friend! I will come to Guatemala someday!

  3. oh, thank you dear friends. And Carrie, maybe you and Eric can bring your family of 3 down one day! I mean learning a 2nd language before you reach the age of seven is ideal : )

  4. Hey Michelle and Gerber,
    I love that I can picture your home already. I love you both and continue to be so thankful that I got to share it all with you. Please be in touch - we may need a skype soon. Until then, I think of you both when I pull out my Picamas!

  5. Michelle, I am so happy for you. Guatemala is a beautiful country and you seem very content. Congratulations!

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