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1st January
written by Michelle


Thanks to facebook, instagram and the twitterworld many of you already know that…

come June 2013 we will have a family of THREE.

We are beyond excited and amazed that there is a little one growing inside of me. Sometimes I still can’t believe it. But at our 12 week appointment we indeed saw it- flipping, swimming, and moving about. Our midwife’s first comment: wow, you got an active little one.

So, dear active one, here is your entrance into the blogspshere:


We think he/she is the cutest thing ever, but you can say it looks like a small alien. No offense taken.

 •    •    •

For the past three months we have kept this little one a secret, partly because we wanted to make sure everything was ok. I know miscarriages are common the first 12 weeks and we wanted to be cautious. But also, we wanted to wait and tell my parents and family in person. We shared with G’s family before we left Guatemala, but I wanted to tell my family when we arrived. It’s the first baby on my family’s side and I knew they would be excited. And excited they were.

We told my parents a week before Christmas and made them promise to keep it a secret. That involved convincing my Dad that he could not in fact use it for a sermon illustration at the Christmas Eve services.

mom’s first response: ooohhh, I knew it! congratulations!

dad’s first response: awwww, we’re so happy for you! I wana tell all of my friends.

Then, gathered around the Christmas tree last Tuesday morning my siblings (well, one via facetime) all opened cards with a picture of the ultrasound:

steph: Whhhhaaaattt?!?!

christine: {a huge GASP} oh, my gosh.

andrew: {fist pump} Yeaha!


 {evidence of the gasp }

And because my family shares an affinity for social media the news was shared on facebook, twitter and instagram. This little one is going to have so much love from all these aunts/uncles and grandparents.


We have felt so loved and supported with all the comments and excitement. Sharing baby news definitely earns you popularity points in the land of facebook. It’s all felt exciting, special and so, very 21st century.

 •    •    •

It has been so fun to share, because for the previous 3 months we were pretty silent about the whole baby news (and silent here on the blog, too- partly due to my daily napping requirement : )

So what does one do when you are kept waiting and holding a little secret?


Yep, I joined pinterest.

Thankfully, pinterest announced their secret boards right about when I was excited/overwhelmed with the amount of info out there in this crazy new baby world. So, I’ve been pinning away on these boards:


Baby on the Brain



Bilingual Baby


A New Mama


It can feel like there is so SO much out there for new moms and babies. I can get swept up in reading about the best car-seat or homemade baby food and magical swaddle sacks that promise a well rested baby. But then I remind myself that people have been having healthy babies way before there was the BreastPillow, the Ergo and SwaddleMe Blankets.

So, here’s to a New Year, learning about pregnancy and motherhood and not believing I have to have everything I see on pinterest.

Happy New Years and Merry Christmas!


Me, G and Baby P



  1. 01/01/2013

    Congrats! Congrats! Sooooo exciting! :) And I highly recommend the magic swaddle. It saved our life!

  2. Diana Swavely

    Babies truly *need* very little! :) Congrats again! Enjoy your pregnancy…we will all be waiting for baby with you! Haha! On a random note, I see your parents tore down half a wall. :) Love you!

  3. Michelle

    Di, thanks! And yes…you should head over to look at it! It’s totally different : )

  4. Michelle

    Sarah, are they really magic?? I’ll guess I’ll trust you.

  5. 02/01/2013

    As I said on Facebook, I am so excited for the journey the three of you are going to have. Being a mom is the most amazing, exhausting, wonderful experience!

  6. Abigail

    Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you guys!!!!

  7. 02/01/2013

    Congratulations! That’s such a hard secret to keep. I remember trying to keep that secret at work. I had only told my boss because there was some insurance things that I needed to tell her for. One of my coworkers was so concerned about me going to the doctor so often, and my boss basically told him to mind his own business and I felt so bad until I could tell him the news.

    Our Youth Group where we volunteered figured it out on their own.

    On our second baby our whole office figured it out before I told anyone! Oh well.


    It’s so fun when you finally get to share the news!

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