And The Gender Is…


Little Boy or Baby Girl?

What’s your guess?

My sister and mom think it’s a boy. My other sister swears it’s a girl. My brother-in-law is convinced it’s a boy. My 10-year old nieces are really hoping for a little girl so our baby can play with their little sisters, Emma and Sofia. But according to the Twenty-One Wives’ Tales That May Tell You The Gender of Your Baby, I’m having a boy.

Before I tell you…..You have to watch this video!

Did you know that a baby’s sex is set at conception, but until about 9 weeks we ALL start out with the same little sex bud? And then around 9 weeks the little bud either grows into a penis or moves to form the clitoris. Maybe this is basic biology, but I find it fascinating.

We had an ultrasound last week and saw our healthy, moving, little baby……


{to come tomorrow}

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9 thoughts on “And The Gender Is…

  1. If its a boy that is great if its girl that too would be great…As long as its healthy and crying you and G will love it!!

  2. I mean would you all have really watched the video if I just announced if it was a boy or a girl?!?

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