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2nd March
written by Michelle


I’m linking up with Leigh over at Hopeful Leigh. I am new to her blog, but this seems like such a fun way to sum up my month and see what others have been up to. Sometimes the months go by so fast, so even though it’s already March 2nd, I am pausing and remembering…February 2013.

So, in particular order here is what I’ve been Into:

The Little Things:

This coconut body butter from Trader Joe’s and these Chocolate Covered Soy Beans. I could eat an entire container a day, but I’ve been enjoying them since returning from the states. (Can you tell I’ve been savoring the last few of my Trader Joe’s goodies?!?) In a weak moment I almost ordered these from Amazon, but decided $10.99 was a bit too steep when they cost $3.99 in the store. If you live any where near a TJs go buy both of these things now. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.


It seems like the majority of my instagram pics are either of my food or my belly. Maybe there’s a connection, eh? Well, food and my growing belly have been both on my mind. And truth is I think I am eating a lot and often. Trying to give baby girl more varied options than avocado and tomato toast. This week I tried a recipe for Mexican Quinoa and Black Bean Bowls from Robin’s Balanced Life site and just made these Pumkpin-Banana anything muffins from Shauna’s site. (truth be told I didn’t have pumpkin or almond meal so I had to adapt, but they were still delicious. And since my husband is not much of a muffin person I get them all : )

New blogs:

I love reading blogs and finding new ones. These are two that are new to my reader. I met both of the authors when we were in the thick of braces and awkward jr high years and we have since reconnected via the blogsphere. Be sure to check these two sites out:

Elevensies- is an honest, down-to-earth account from a mom who writes about not having it all together. Refreshing and so, so real. Meredith, also blogs about non-mom related things over at If you’re looking for practical tips or ideas on what does it mean to live out faith and social justice without selling all of your belongings and moving to Africa, check out her blog.

Clouds and Chaos is Stacy’s journey of being a wife, step-mom and flight attendant. I especially loved this post about traveling with an infant from a flight attendant’s perspective. She’s witty and funny and has some great perspectives.

 Highlight of the Month:

Telling my family via 4 modes of technology that we are having a little GIRL. Yes, my brother was on his iphone, my sister and brother-in-law were connected via Facetime in Boston on my mom’s ipad and my sister and parents were together at home for a little skype sesh. Thank goodness for technology. I have a feeling our little girl will probably spend lots of time staring into a computer screen so her family can see her :)


I know this song is quite a few years old, but Israel Kamakawiwo’ole rendition of Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World has become my new favorite. It’s been playing on repeat in my car for weeks. For some reason it makes me think about and pray for the little girl growing inside.

baby girl

On My Wishlist:

I probably spend more time on the internet than I care to publicly admit, mostly going back and forth between kitchen designs and cabinets and cute baby girl clothes. This month the baby girl won out. Although we haven’t really purchased any clothes, these items are on my wishlist for her: this headband this handmade hat and these baby YOGA pants. Etsy may become my new favorite spot. Special thanks to my sister who has taken it upon herself to be a personal shopper and fashion coordinator for our yet to be born little one. I have a feeling she may be more put together than me.


My book club just finished this book: Grave Secrets, a great mystery/thriller based on true stories, centered in part around the atrocities that happened in Guatemala during and after the civil war during the 80s and 90s.

I’ve also been reading Anne Lammot’s new book Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers and enjoying the simple, thoughtful anecdotes about prayer. And I’m super excited to start Shauna Niequist’s new book, Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes.

{stay tuned there may be a pre-release book review and give away coming soon! }

Making Me Laugh:

Whatever your thoughts be on our president, put them aside and watch this. Best combination of Dance and Mom EVER. Thank you, Michelle Obama.


What have you been into this month?

Head over to HopefulLeigh’s site and link up. Open until Wednesday.

Happy weekend!



  1. 03/03/2013

    The hat and headband are so cute! I love little girl accessories. I think you should get at least one of them for some newborn pictures :)

  2. 03/03/2013

    I am constantly astounded by the way technology helps us keep in touch with people. Congrats on expecting a baby girl!

    I started Bread & Wine the other day and it has far surpassed my expectations. Shauna’s best work yet.

    Thanks for linking up with What I’m Into!

  3. Michelle

    Leigh, yes! I just started her book this weekend- makes me hungry : ) and excited to finish it.

    Carrie, I could be convinced.

  4. 03/03/2013

    ‘Elevensies’ might just be the best blog name ever! Off to check it out. :)

  5. 04/03/2013

    Loved this post! Some great ideas here that I’m going to add to my list (reading, for our baby girl and my TJ run).

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