A Mini-Maternity Shoot


Before we even found out that I was pregnant one of the things I really wanted was maternity photos. I just love how a growing, round belly and a glowing mama look. However, living in Guatemala, where child raising and the whole baby culture is so, so different, I’ve learned to let go of certain expectations.

Pinterest inspired nursery? Probably not gonna happen.

Last minute trips to Target? Just not possible.

I asked once at local photography shop if they knew anyone who did maternity shots and they looked at me as if I had just asked “do you know anyone who photographs dancing cows?”

So, I let it go.

But then in February I went to a missions conference and there was this cool, young, photographer from the states who was doing FREE portraits for individuals and families. I signed up for a slot and asked him if he ever does maternity photos.

I did one just last week. Come back at 6.”

So these photos are taken on the shores of Lago Atitlan, one of my favorite places in Guatemala, at the perfect time of day where the light makes anyone look good. I read that you’re supposed to take maternity photos at 34 weeks, when you’re belly is nice and round and you can still squeeze into your maternity pants. But…hey, you work with what you got.

And I got some great photos of me and our little girl at about 23 weeks.

Special thanks to Dave Christenson Photography.

{if anyone in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey area is in need of a great photographer check out his site: http://www.christensonphoto.com/}

dear mija

Maternity Shoot at the Lake


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8 thoughts on “A Mini-Maternity Shoot

  1. Michelle these are beautiful!!! I think maternity pictures are so, so special. I’m glad you found someone to take them for you. If and when you ever find yourself pregnant again and visiting Sacramento, obviously I would be happy to capture your growing belly 😉

  2. The pictures are lovely!

    Mardo and I didn’t get any maternity pictures either. We finally resorted to using the self-timer just to make sure we had pictures with us both together.

    I love your baby bump, and I can’t wait to meet your little girl!

  3. I absolutely love these! Ironically, we are waiting until our next trip to Guate to have family photos done. If you want any connections in the city, Billy can hook you up! :)

  4. Sarah, ooooh, I’ll have to get that info from you : ) maybe for some newborn shots?!? Does Billy know someone who does those?

  5. Aww, maybe I will need to find a good reason to visit Sacramento. True confession: I’ve never actually been there!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the one with the sun setting behind you. I want to learn from this photographer. So beautiful!!!!!

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