Moving, Making Space and Our Familia

I think I can safely say that moving while 30 weeks pregnant is not one of my favorite things. We packed on Saturday and moved on Sunday. I started by wrapping dishes and sorting books, and carefully placing picture frames and glass vases into separate containers, but by Sunday morning we were dumping entire drawers into plastic bags. Yes, just dumping.

All the stuff from the medicine cabinet dumped into a bag.

The entire contents of the sock and underwear drawer thrown in another.

Totally my style.

Thankfully, the house we found to rent is in the same residential community so our move was just one block away. But one block away might as well be 10 miles when you’re carrying bags and baskets and loading up the pick-up truck for the 5th time. Let’s be honest, the guys did most, all of the heavy lifting, while I spent the better part of the afternoon dumping out the contents of bags and trying to organize the bottom kitchen cabinets without squishing my growing belly.

A dear friend brought us over dinner at 6pm: Chicken sandwiches, a bowl of guacamole with chips and two fruit smoothies. A perfect Sunday night dinner. I am convince sometimes love looks like strong arms that lift and carry and move your fridge, and other times love is a meal left on the table after a long day. I had never thought about bringing friends dinner at the end of a moving day, but it was the most nourishing moment of our day.

By 8pm, after 12+ hours of working, our conversation had deteriorated to:

 “Have you seen my socks?”

- “In the plastic bag.”

- “Which one?”

-“I can’t find the towels.”


 -“My back hurts.”

- “Mine, too.”

 Clearly moving brings out my good side : )


I was so hot, irritated and sweating that I didn’t even take a single pictures to document our move. But as we fell asleep Sunday night with the fan blowing directly on our faces I realized this is where we’re going to bring our daughter home. This is where we’ll spend the first few weeks as a little family of three, probably groggy with exhaustion and pure joy. This is where we’ll host grandparents and friends and visitors who will come to meet out little girl.

We still don’t have internet at the house and our stove is not yet connected. But we’re getting settled. Poco a poco. I feel the sudden urge to get rid of half of the stuff the crowds my closet and clean the house and make space;

Space for this little girl who is coming in 10 weeks.

Space for little girl clothes and a bassinet and some place where we can change her bzillions of poopy diapers.

I think they call this nesting, right?

Well, baby girl there is space for you here. We’re making this our home for now…and in 6 months we’ll move back to our other home : )

And I let you know what’s easier…moving with a 30 week pregnant belly or moving with a 4 month old strapped to my chest 🙂 Somehow I have a feeling I have no idea how easy I had it this time around.


My first nesting arrangement: The house is still rather unorganized, but there is space here for a picture of the newest little member of our famila.

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6 thoughts on “Moving, Making Space and Our Familia

  1. Have just moved with a 3 month old, I will predict that this one will be easier. Basically, I was useless and everyone else did all the work. We also didn’t think about the last leg, when nearly everything (including a chair to nurse in) is gone. That was a tough couple hours.

  2. Michelle, I know of you through about 5 different people but have never met you 🙂 I just couldn’t help but comment on this post because I laughed out loud and SO resonated with everything you said about moving - from the down the street dump it in a bag to the meal waiting for you at the end of a long day. We just did that and then left for Haiti 3 days later 🙂 And I was thankful for all the same things. Hope to finally meet you someday!

  3. Oh boy, moving is such a pain under “normal” circumstances, doing it while you are pregnant? I love the image of you throwing things is plastic garbage bags! 🙂

  4. I know right- so not like me! I NEVER EVER move by dumping anything in plastic bags. I prefer labels and boxes and lots of packing material- oh, how we change : )

  5. Breanne- so nice to “meet” you. So who are our mutual friends??? do tell. Your trip to Haiti and life in California are making me nostalgic.

  6. Mer, somehow I fear that you’re right! Note to self- save chair to nurse : ) thanks!

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