9 Natural Home Remedies for Fighting the Common Cold While Pregnant

I really have very little to complain about. In terms of how pregnancies go I’ve had a pretty easy go of it this time around. {don’t hate me}. Except for some minor battles with pesky parasites (more a reflection of the country I live in, not the pregnancy) I’ve been pretty healthy. However, I have had a stuffy nose and/or a cold on and off since about week 20. Apparently, increased congestion is common in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Something to do with swelling in the mucus membranes???

(warning: if you’re slightly grossed out that I just said mucus membranes then you might want to stay clear of the blog for the next few weeks as I share more of the birth, baby and after-birth process. Just sayin’ I warned you : )

Usually if I came down with a cold I would just pop a few Sudafed and Advil, drink some tea and go about my day, but being pregnant and wanting to stay medicine-free as pushed me to look for more natural remedies.

Here are 9 Natural Home Remedies I have found helpful.

(and these work just the same even if you’re not pregnant)

1. Breathe right strips- At first I thought these were just for old people who snore…but let me tell you they really do help. They don’t really provide healing per se, but are wonderful when you can’t breathe through your nose and are trying to get a good nights sleep.

2. Better than a NetiPot- My dad has been a long time Neti Pot advocate and I used to be better at using it. But I never fully liked the old genie looking pot that you pour into your nose. I always ended up with more on the bathroom counter than coming out of my nose. But then I was introduced to the NeilMed Sinus Rinse. It’s a simple squeeze bottle and basically does the same thing- rinses out your sinus cavity with warm salt water- but easier to use. If you’re not going to buy this, then just a simple saline nose spray works wonders, too. Especially if live in a dry climate. Best thing is you can use it before, during or after a cold. Your sinus’ will thank me.

3. Eucalyptus Oil and Steam- A friend on instagram posted this simple remediesand each time I was really congested it provided instant, although not long standing relief. Heat up water, just below boiling and pour it into a glass bowl. Add 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus oil and place a large towel over your head that is also big enough to cover the bowl. Then  just breathe in and out through your nose. It’s normal to cough a few times. Imagine how it feels when you walk in a steam room. Gotta let your lungs get used to all that steam. (side benefit: it’s great for the pores on the face, too) I bought my Eucalyptus oil at a little local store called “Tienda de Dona Gabby” but since it would be a long trip for most of you to come to Guatemala, you can find it at Whole Foods or at this online store: Mountain Rose Herbs

4. Astragalus- I had never heard of this one, but my midwife swears by it and actually makes her own tincture. It’s an immune boosting herb/root that you take as soon as you feel a cold coming on. When I started coming down with a cold while in California, I emailed my midwife and this was what she recommended. My husband and I drove to Whole Foods on Christmas Eve, just before closing and bought one of these bottles. You can find it a little cheaper on  Amazon.You take 2 pills 3 times a day until you’re feeling better or a week has passed. It could be just the placebo affect, but I really think it helped me get over the cold faster.

5. tea- you know I tend to be of the mindset that tea heals all. And Guatemalans tend to agree. Best comfort/scratchy throat tea mix: Bring a handful of fresh mint leaves, finely chopped ginger, juice from one lemon (here we use limes because we don’t have lemons, but that’s another post) to a boil. Let it steep for 5-8 min and then use a strainer to pour into your favorite mug. Add honey to taste. I bet this would be great iced too. But I haven’t tried it.

6.  Pressure Points for Sinus Relief- Watch this video- nuff said. No seriously, if you’ve ever had one of those pounding, congested sinus headaches this gentle, pressing on your sinus points really does lead to some immediate relief and drainage. Give it a try. I did this right after the steam treatment.

7. sleep, sleep, sleep- I guess this should be a no brainer. But if pregnancy has taught me anything it is the value in naps, rest and getting extra sleep especially when you’re sick.

8. onions- i know people who swear by the whole, put half an onion by your bed. It’s worth a try. It’s never worked for me, but to each his own.

9. foot reflexology-- I am not a 100% convinced that this works either, but this post provides a pretty clear diagram of how it could help. And to be honest anytime I can convince a certain someone to massage my feet I am a happier person. If you’re a foot rub kinda of gal, then you may just love this one, whether or not your sick : )

Hope you’re feeling better, less congested and happier soon!

{like all medical advice you find on the web, always ask your doctor or midwife to see what’s right for you}


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  1. #2…yes! I love the bottle, and it is great for allergy season too! I hadn’t heard of most of the rest of these, so thanks!

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