Project 52: My Town- Week 1



There’s a lot of these project 52 ideas going around the blog world. The basic idea is you take one photo a week for an entire year. I know some people are following along here, where you have different theme each week. Other people are doing a picture of their kid each week with this site. However, we all know I probably post more than enough pictures of my little one and I’m not always good about following along when the theme changes week-to-week. It stresses me out.

But, remember how I want to commit to little things this year?

I like the idea of something consistent and easy to do each week (easy being the key!). I like the idea of doing a better job noticing and appreciating where I live.

So, I am going to document my town; the place I live and the people I meet. Where I walk in the afternoons and where I buy fresh tortillas. You know, the little things that make my town unique.

Wanna join? Wanna document your town once a week for a year?

It’s easy peasy.

Here’s the idea: Take one photo of something, ANYTHING, in your town. Post it on instagram or facebook or twitter or on your blog or whatever social media platform you prefer. Use the hashtag #project52mytown. I’ll post mine on Tuesday. Be sure to leave a comment below with a link to your blog or picture.

That’s it.

Here’s to a year of appreciating and sharing about my town.


P.S. And because I’m little late starting this (story of my life right now) here’s week 2:



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