This is {Wherever} Wednesday #8: Is this normal?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Wherever Wednesday post, but Gayle over at Texifornia is starting it back up and I decided to join. I realize that the longer I live in Guatemala the easier it is to forget what is unique or different about life here. The truth is my sense ofRead more

Being White and Looking for a Brown Doll

Yesterday I had the chance to Guest post over at Sarah Quezada’a blog A Life with Subtitles. Sarah is a blog-friend-turned-real-friend who writes about multicultural life with her Guatemalan husband and bi-cultural daughter. One of the things I love about the funny world of blogs is the opportunity to connect with people who I mightRead more

Watching the Olympics without Ryan Seacrest…or… A Country Where Gratefulness Matters More Than Golds

Family Gymnastics 1992

I have fond memories of watching the Olympics ever since I was a 9-year-old sitting on the edge of the couch, staying up way past my bedtime to see if Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller would win a medal at the 92′ Barcelona games. Twenty years later I sat on the edge of my couchRead more

This is { Wherever } Wednesday #6: Driving in Guatemala


I posted this on instagram earlier today because it was my detour while driving to a meeting up at one of our schools. What you can’t totally see from the picture is there is a 50 ft drop off on the left side and an another drop behind the tractor. this. is. guatemala. I thoughtRead more

This is { Wherever } Wednesday #5


Wednesday are my attempt to capture part of what life is like here in Guatemala. Feel free to join in. Wherever you are.  Sometimes I am reminded how different things are in Guatemala. Like last week’s sighting. Now on to this week. I was skyping with my friend earlier this week and she heard aRead more