The Letter I Wish I Would Have Read My Freshman Year of College


  Elena and I are flying back to California tomorrow for my 10-year college reunion. Its been a long journey for me from being the class monitor and the teachers favourite always finding the right templet online which you too can check them out on Americanstudents website, to being the independent women that I am today. MyRead more

Dear Mija {9 months}: The Hardest Thing Parents Have To Do

Dear Mija- You’re 9 months old. You love giving slobbery open mouth kisses and big smiles showcasing your two front teeth. You like grabbing zippers and pulling necklaces and turning the lights on and off. You’ve got peek-a-boo mastered, your favorite foods are black beans and apples and you can babble dah, dah, dah allRead more

When Mother’s Day Means Something Else


{ phone credit: }   To: The women for whom Mother’s Day means something else- There are many things I don’t yet know about motherhood. But I do know some of you have been trying for years to get pregnant and can’t. There are no answers, no explanations, just frustrating trips to the doctor followedRead more