31 Questions Worth Asking for Cross- Cultural Workers

For the month of October I am joining thousands of others writers and bloggers and committing to write for 31 days. I haven’t written consistently for years. I compose drafts in my head and never write them. I start posts, only to save them for later, where they accumulate in my draft box like aRead more

Dear Mija: {10 months}: The Questions I Ask Myself

    If you’re new here I have been writing letters to my daughter each month titled, Dear Mija. It all started with this letter I wrote over a year ago on Spanglish Baby’s site.   Dear Mija, People often ask me how old you are and I keep wanting to say, oh, she’s 10 months. ButRead more

What I’m Into {March 2013}: Spinach-basil pesto, Pillows and FREE stuff

I know, I know we are well into April, and I’m a few days too late to link up with Hopeful Leigh, but here’s what I’ve been into { March edition } enjoy! Cooking and Eating: Let’s be honest I have been doing more of the latter, the eating. I have tons of great recipeRead more

What About International Men’s Day?

Last Friday was International Women’s Day. I posted this on facebook and twitter: Today my husband wished me a Happy International Women’s Day. Then he asked, “so when is International Men’s Day? #goodquestion #equality And within minutes I was surprised by the responses and replies from men and women alike. Comments like “I’m pretty sureRead more

This Is { Wherever } Wednesday #2


I live a first world life, in a third world country. I have running water in my house, wireless internet that usually works, a purple yoga mat and a scooter.  Inside my refrigerator you’ll find honey mustard and BBQ sauce, and on my kitchen counter sits an automatic coffee maker with adorable Anthropologie towels hangingRead more