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16th March
written by Michelle

Photo on 3-16-13 at 2.37 PM

Oh, Saturday

these days feel suddenly like they are worth gold,

knowing they will soon be


or at least different.

they will probably not involve

sleeping in until 9,

and staying buried in the covers for another hour

with a book.


enjoying spoonfuls of yogurt

with freshly cut-up fruit

for breakfast

Having an entire afternoon free

no plans.

no where to be.

no one who needs me.

Sitting in the sun,

on the grass

sipping iced tea

listening to this.

This is Saturday.

Spontaneous afternoon walks in Antigua

with my love

stopping for ice cream

without carrying…

a diaper bag,

a burp cloth,


Grocery shopping

or maybe

Chinese take-out.

No schedule.

just me and him.

It’s easy, flexible and




Saturdays will look


So I will

soak up,




and treasure.

But I’m ready

to welcome









{self-portrait: taken outside, sitting on the grass, feeling much better and so happy for Saturday}

8th October
written by Michelle

•  •  •

For the past few months mine and Gerber’s conversations have gone something like this:

 “hey, did you get a copy of the title of the house?

-oh, yeah in October

 “Hun, we still need to scan and email the lawyer our birth certificates.”

-ok, in October

“Mi amor, we still need to reserve the band, right?

- yep, in October

 “We need to plan for the groups that are coming in January.”

-ok, in October

“Can you send that email to our supporters?

- sure, in October

Do you notice a trend?

 Apparently October is a big month for us. We have made big and lofty plans to be productive, efficient and basically, get everything done.


in. October.


And why, not? October seems like a perfectly acceptable month do tackle wedding planning, legal and visa issues, final exams, school graduations, upcoming travel plans, and ministry projects for next year. Did I mention that it’s already October 8th?

Stay tuned for end of the year graduation photos, a shrinking to-do list, plans for next year and reflections on what they don’t tell you about engagement.

happy {rainy} saturday afternoon!