The Best Things in life…

It’s Friday. Which means, one of my new favorite blog traditions:

Five. Minute. Fridays

{Judging by my recent blog posts it seems like I only take five minutes to write on Fridays. This means I have been a little extra with busy hosting visitors and school events, or I maybe should start a Five Minute Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday routine. Either way, I like this practice and the discipline of writing for 5 minutes. No editing. No thinking it over. And no worrying if it’s just right.}

Ready, Go.

I remember I once got a Hallmark card once that said something like,the best things in life, aren’t things. they’re people.” And I have never forgotten that.

Most of favorite times have been shared with people. I think of playing the backyard and running through sprinklers on hot summer nights with my sisters and brother. I think of family dinners shared around a table. I think of college dorm life and late night giggles and chatting with three of my best friends. Afternoons spent drinking tea and talking about life with June. I think of walks along Mesa lane with Jen. And Tuesday nights eating hot dogs and beer on the beach with Chelsea and Jeff.

I think of moments spent laughing on the couch with Gerber or being held when there are tears. I think of walking hand in hand, knowing this someone loves you no matter what. And I think how such it means to have two of the most important people in my life, here with me, right now, in Guatemala.


What are some of your favorites right now?

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6 thoughts on “The Best Things in life…

  1. This is beautiful! I *so* agree that “the best things in lifer aren’t things, they’re people.” You paint such a colorful collage of happy times with your words. It was such a pleasure to read this today!

  2. Your blog is one of my favorites. And your emails. I also like my husband and my Spanish professor and playing games with my kiddos and homemade pizza and torta de limon.

  3. Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comments Erin and Jamie.

    Krista, you’re great. Torta de limon, hmm? Don’t think we have that here.

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