The Book I Wish I Would Have Read Before Moving Overseas


This past week we celebrated Guatemala’s Independence Day. The streets were filled with loud bands and parades, while blue & white flags waved from every window and doorway. Amidst the noise and celebration, I felt a quiet gratitude. Ten years ago Guatemala was just a name a map, but now it has been woven into the very fabric of my story.

This is the place where I met my husband, where we started our life together. His identity and perspective as a Guatemalan challenges many of my preconceived ideas about parenting and people, and what is really necessary in life. We will spend a lifetime loving each other and learning how to walk in the good tension that is called cross-cultural marriage. It’s a particular tension that invites you to assume nothing and be open to everything.

Both of my children will have been born here. Wherever they one day end up, or whatever languages they prefer to use or whichever race they choose to identify with, there is no doubt that their story begins in Guatemala. They weren’t born “abroad” or “overseas” they were born right here, in their home country.

And maybe equally important is this is the country where I became a mother. Only at times it hasn’t felt like home. It’s felt foreign and challenging; like when you keep trying on jeans that say they’re your size, but just don’t fit well. A lot of me doesn’t fit in Guatemala. Becoming a mom in a foreign country has often made the longing stronger for familiar things from my childhood. But it has also made me stretch in ways I didn’t know possible.

I am thrilled to share with you that I am a contributing writer in a new anthology, “Knocked Up Abroad Again.” There are 26 contributing authors whose stories span 25 different countries and we need YOUR support to launch this bookEach writer tells a heartwarming and sometimes humorous story, about motherhood across the globe.

You will journey from a hospital in China to a birth in South Africa, and then get an inside look at parenting in The Netherlands. Through honest and thoughtful reflection each mother shares a glimpse into the joys and challenges of parenting in a foreign culture, and reminds us that there is not one right way to parent. My chapter is called “Woven Between Two Cultures.”  I write about how becoming a mother in Guatemala has not only shaped how I parent, but changed many of my expectations about parenting.

So, now you’re thinking, how can I help and where can I get a copy?? 

I am so glad you asked. 

If you love learning about different cultures and what parenting looks like outside of the U.S. you’ll enjoy the stories found in this book. Maybe you have a friend living or moving overseas soon? This is the book I wish I could have read three years ago as I began to navigate birth and parenting in another country. Or maybe you don’t have much interest in pregnancy and birth abroad, but you would love to support and encourage me in this publishing process 😉 That’s just fine, too!

Here’s the deal– we’re self-publishing this book and using Kickstarter to raise the funds. With a one-time $10 donation you will get a free copy of the pre-release ebook when it comes out in Nov 2016. And with a one-time $25 donation you will get the pre-release ebook AND an actual paper copy delivered to your door in Dec 2016, in plenty of time to give as Christmas gifts! 

 Please considering backing our kickstarter project and sharing this link in your online community!

Thank you for reading my words, nodding along and sharing with others!

P.S. If you’re interested in reading more about this project and the fabulous contributing writers click here.

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