What We do { most days }


Gerber and I have the joy (and challenge) of working together most days.

Some days we have meetings with staff members, other days we’re in the office planning for the next team.

There are lots of emails, lots of discussions and lots of Spanglish back and forth.

I still teach English once a week, and he coordinates future water filter projects and meets with community leaders.


But when we have teams, we usually work together.


after a days work

I am the planner, arranger and schedule maker.

And He makes everything happen. And sometimes not according to schedule. (imagine that)

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that sometimes his way of doing things just works better than mine. The problem is I usually don’t realize this until after I’ve argued and convinced him to do something my way.

(hey, we’re still learning.)

At our best we work together seamlessly; like peanut butter and jelly.

Or like corn tortillas and frijoles if you want the Guatemalan equivalent.

He’ll share with a group of Guatemalans in Spanish, while I translate to English. Then we switch. I’ll share with the team of volunteers in English, and he translates to Spanish. We welcome conversations and questions about faith and culture and differences because we live it each and every day. In our marriage. In our work. In our life here in Guatemala. Our passion to love God and serve other people aligns perfectly, but learning how to live that out in practical ways often leaves us asking how?

When we’re at our best we (hopefully) model what it means to serve, support and bring out the best in each other.

When we’re at our worst, we get easily frustrated and irritated with each other, and our different way of doing things. I find myself saying, well, if you’d just do it like this______, then we wouldn’t have that problem. We both think we’re right. And that our way works best. And in some ways we both are probably right.

But marriage doesn’t work very well when you try to be right.

The challenge of working together (and doing life together) is that we both can’t do things the way we used to.

so, we are learning new ways of doing things.

And we get to practice often, as we work with a lot of teams from churches, universities, high schools and rotary clubs.

Here’s a little look into part of what we do:


huge thanks to the team from Pepperdine University and the video skills of David Chang ©2012

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5 thoughts on “What We do { most days }

  1. I love the idea about how in some ways you are both probably right. Because it is probably true that your way works for you and his way works for him.

    Maybe we try too hard to want to do things the same way instead of realizing control and letting the others just do it the way it works for them (even when it makes no sense to us).

    Does any of my rambling make sense?

  2. Michelle! I love this and I have to admit a part of me aches to be there along with you guys as that is something we thought we’d be doing. I love what you guys are about and the way you honestly write about it… although I know there are lots of things you hold back. 🙂 We are returning to the States on May 31. We must plan a Guatemala or SB reunion, okay??? Loved the post on the scooters too…

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