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29th October
written by Michelle


I usually write these letter to our daughter once a month. It’s a small way for me to remember what we did and how she is changing as a baby and how I am learning as a mother. There’s lots to say about month 4. I always have lots to say. But this month, Gerber wanted to say something.

So, in much fewer words, here is his beautiful letter, from a dad to his daughter:


Dear Mija-

Before I met you and before your mom and and I even got married, for some reason I always wanted to have a daughter.

When we went to the clinic for an ultrasound and the technician said, “es una nina.” My heart just melted. In that moment, I knew I wanted to protect you and provide for you. For some reason I always knew I would be able to take care of you. I figured I could  change your diapers and feed you a bottle and rock you. Maybe because I took care of my nieces when they were little I figured I could do the same for you, no problem.

And the truth is I could do that every day. Those things are not a that much of challenge for me.

The thing that is a challenge for me every day is I feel responsible to show you how a man should treat a woman.  I want to treat your mom the best I can. I want to show her love and listen to her so I can be the best example of how one day a man should treat you.

I know during your life you will receive lots of gifts- toys, books, ice cream, maybe even a TV in your room, even though your mom will always disagree with me on that one. But my gift to you everyday is to treat your mom well and love her so that I can give you a good example.

My hope is that when you grow up and look for a husband you will have high standards for the kind of man you will marry. Someone who will love you, respect you and listen to you.

daddy y daughter

Elena, I knew I loved you when you were inside your mom. But, the day you were born I have never experienced feeling that much love all at once. The love a father has for his daughter is like nothing else.

Mija, sabes que?

Te amo.

 Sabes cuanto?

 Mucho. Mucho. Mucho.

Every day I ask you these questions. And probably one day when you’re older you will get embarrassed, but I will keep asking you because I will always love you. You will always be my daughter.








  1. 30/10/2013

    What a wonderful letter and such an important lesson. If Elena learns how important and valued she is as a girl/woman then Gerber has done a fabulous job! You are all so lucky to have one another.

  2. Michelle

    Thanks Helen. I agree : )

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